Power Acumen Map®

Power Acumen Map is a comprehensive search that offers an insight into the viewpoint of Customers and internal business partners.

Power Acumen Map® makes it easier to obtain access both to experience and opinions concerning particular people, who are involved into everyday processes of the company’s relations with Customers. What is more, it answers the questions on meeting the constantly growing Customers’ expectations in reference to the quality of service as well as the possibility of increasing the effectiveness of the business cooperation. What is interesting is the fact that a wide range of information from both the external and internal Customers is being gathered in the process. The formula allows for an objectified and multifaceted analysis of the situation and a flexible adjustment to the characteristics of the diagnosed issues. For this reason, Power Acumen Map® can be an excellent solution in order to create a new quality by the cooperation with the strategic Customers by means of B2B relations or B2C with the Premium Customers.


What Power Acumen Map® provides:

  • Assessment of individuals or entire departments in reference to the quality they provide and efficiency of customer service
  • Diagnosis of areas of the internal and/or external cooperation
  • Identification of areas with a potential to increase effectiveness or with a need of change
  • Diagnosis of training needs
  • Development suggestions to obtain the desired effects