Training / Workshops

Managers have an enormous influence on strategic functioning of the company; therefore we encourage diagnosis of their potential as well as training focused on managerial competences. We advise how to create development programmes and how to implement them.

Our system of managerial development includes a vast array of tools used to improve efficiency of the most important human assets in an enterprise.

In order to fully support management of our Clients, we have elaborated a wide range of tools. Apart from the already mentioned methods such as: mentoring and coaching, Development Centres there are training courses suited to individual needs and tailored specifically for our Clients.

We have rich experience in preparing advanced workshops and training courses for Managers, including development of managerial skills such as: leadership, influence, leading meetings and presentations, coaching, team-building and employee assessment, recruitment and selection, as well as other managerial skills.



Method description:

People Management

Aimed both at junior and experienced managers who would like to learn new trends and improve their managerial skills in the area of managing and developing employees.


Workshop addressed to new and experienced sales people with diversified sales skills that launches basic as well as advanced tools, skills, and techniques with proven effectiveness.
Depending on the specificity, it may also concern:
Acquisition of new Customers (New Business Development),
Direct sales B2B or B2C,
Customer service.
A separate area of workshops are the sales workshops aimed at coaches and sales managers, for whom understanding of the sales processes, customer service, and all the related mechanisms are crucial for an effective task accomplishment.

Sales Effectiveness Management

Training addressed to sales managers on various levels, all persons directly managing sales teams. The training introduces effective methods of improving the efficiency and quality of work based on the model of management by means of objectives. It places a special emphasis on understanding of the management model in a broad context, i.e. not only the fulfilment of both quantitative and qualitative targets, but also the development of skills and employee attitudes that are indispensable for the accomplishment of the business objectives.

During the workshop, participants will learn not only how to properly set goals and determine the measures and indicators for their implementation, but also how to lead coaching processes for their subordinates. The key issue is to make the participants understand and appreciate the meaning of coaching and other methods of daily work with employees in order to increase both their effectiveness and satisfaction with their tasks.

The scope of the program includes: setting goals, defining measures, and indicators, methods of monitoring activities, coaching in the field, conducting meetings and conversations with subordinates, including mid-term interviews as well as broadly understood topics related to motivation. Moreover, this training may include additional areas related to e.g., profiling and selection of candidates for the subordinate positions and other issues depending on the specific needs of participants. The final and detailed scope of the program is always defined with the customer.

Public Speaking

The ability to appear in public is sought after in both managers in their daily business activities as well as sales people while presenting the offers, and all others who face the challenge of presenting anything and persuading a wider audience. The success of such a project often depends not only on its content but, to a great extent, on the way it is conveyed as well as the experience built on the side of customers. Different principles, methods, tools, and tricks will help trainees achieve the desired effect of their presentations and be satisfied with them.

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