Executive Search


Executive Search

We support our Clients in building a competitive advantage through the sophisticated and accurate selection of people for key positions within their companies.

Executive Search is a method of searching for leaders whose skills guarantee success in the pursuit of our Clients’ key business goals.

We provide advisory services and support in selection processes for positions in Supervisory Boards, Management Boards, and other top management positions. We achieve effectiveness due to our perfect understanding of our Client’s strategy. We thoroughly immerse ourselves in the specific needs of each Client and conduct an in-depth analysis of the types of skills and other requirements for the management positions involved. This ensures that our solutions are optimal.


Service Description

Executive Search is a direct method of Candidate search, in which we identify and contact individuals with specific qualifications defined in cooperation with our Client

Since successful Managers are usually not actively engaged in searching for another job, our method has a high success rate in filling the most demanding positions. Executive Search involves searching for the right Candidates on the basis of in-depth market analysis and thorough penetration of the appropriate professional environment. To achieve this, we use our existing contacts, as well as those acquired specifically for the role as well as all legally available databases. In identifying the most suitable Candidates, we also draw on the support of experienced experts in the relevant market sector.

Method description

The first stage of the process is an in-depth analysis of the needs and alignment of the Client’s expectations, resulting in an optimal search strategy. Within our team, we share extensive knowledge and a vast pool of contacts allowing us to achieve the widest possible penetration of the labour market. We use our own database, which has been expanding for over two decades. 

The next step is to start talks with promising Candidates. If these Candidates meet the key requirements and are interested in participating in the recruitment process, we invite them to a face-to-face meeting. This meeting serves as the in-depth competence diagnosis and is run in a form of a structured interview in the course of which we assess the Candidates’ professional experience, skills, and personality, as well as their motivation to undertake the challenge we work on. 

After interviewing the Candidates, we make recommendations to our Clients and prepare individual reports on those Candidates who fulfil the presumed criteria to the fullest extent. The next step is a series of meetings with our Client. Then, we thoroughly check the references of the shortlisted Candidates, focusing on the key competencies for the position in question. Additional tools to verify competencies include psychometric testing and methods such as Individual Assessment, which we use in the final stage of the recruitment process. If our Client decides to make an offer of employment, we provide further support in negotiating the terms of employment and provide assistance until our Candidate starts a new job.  

We do not consider that our role should end with the filling of the vacancy. We also offer active support in the integration process of the Candidates we have selected, doing our utmost to ensure the long-term satisfaction of our Client. At the same time, we are at our Clients’ disposal in all matters that may increase their satisfaction, as well as the professional fulfilment of the hired Candidate. 

In the references that we receive from our Clients, we find words of appreciation such as: professional business partnership, understanding of the market, understanding both the owner’s and corporate perspective, perseverance and commitment, discretion, and accuracy in diagnosing the Candidates’ soft skills. 

Our Process

Immediately after signing up the contract
Analysis of search context
1-2 week from the project start
Penetration and Market Search, Direct phone contact
3-5 week from the project start
„Face to Face” interview
Preparation of „Short List” and individual reports
5-7 week from the project start
Presentation of recommended Candidates
Post-presentation communication with Client and Candidates
Consultant's assistance during negotiations process
1,5-2 months from employing the chosen
Post-employment monitoring - Consultant support for the Client and Candidate
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