WAVE Questionnaire


The WAVE Questionnaire

Reliable and user-friendly support for accurate HR decisions and development processes.

The WAVE Professional Styles Questionnaire is one of the latest achievements of Professor Peter Saville, previously known as the author of the SHL tools.

The WAVE Questionnaire encompasses a diagnosis of personality, motives and talents, as well as preferred organisational culture. At the same time, it is an effective and easy-to-use tool that supports making key personnel decisions.

Professor Peter Saville is one of the leading authorities on psychometrics and the author of numerous tools. In collaboration with a team of several dozen psychologists, human resources specialists, statisticians and IT specialists, he has created innovative tools that set a new standard in the field of recruitment, development and people management. Thanks to close and continuous cooperation with Saville Assessment Ltd, PSI Polska is the first company in Poland with a licence to use the WAVE Professional Styles Questionnaire. 

We also use other tools to assess the potential of Candidates.

The WAVE Questionnaire



WAVE is an integrated tool for identifying the most talented and key people in an organisation, their talents, motives and preferred working environment.Key benefits of using WAVE:

  • ability to understand certain issues faster and more thoroughly than is possible using other methods,
  • supporting personnel decisions and maximising the accuracy of predictions about the actual effectiveness of an employee at work,
  • ability to predict the modus operandi of the person being assessed, but also to identify areas in which the employee may succeed.

Diagnosis of talents and motives

The Wave Questionnaire is the only tool that measures the relationship between Talents and Motives and enables the diagnosis of the Candidate’s ability to adapt to a position and organisational culture. The profile analysis shows divergences between Talents and Motives, revealing hidden areas and internal conflicts that may block personal development. The findings can be used in feedback or coaching sessions.

Adaptation to organisational culture

The WAVE Questionnaire demonstrates the most appropriate professional environment for a particular person’s profile. It also defines the elements of the organisational culture that would enhance the person’s effectiveness, as well as those that would reduce it.

Online Access
The person being assessed completes the WAVE Questionnaire online. This solution allows access from anywhere in the world and guarantees security and confidentiality.

Multiple language versions
The Professional Styles Questionnaire has been developed from the outset by an international team. It is available in multiple language versions, making it possible to implement a coherent assessment standard in international organisations.  

High psychometric parameters
Reliability r = 0.86 and accuracy at the level of 0.56. The prognostic value of the WAVE Professional Styles Questionnaire is still increasing thanks to surveys on its accuracy. 

Reduced risk of falsifying results
When completing the questionnaire, a Candidate answers in two ways (ranging and assessing statements), making it easier to spot any incoherences or inaccuracies in the answers. We eliminate the risk of data falsification, which is difficult to control in other online systems.

Short evaluation time
The questionnaire only takes about 35-45 minutes to complete. At the same time, we achieve high indicators of accuracy and reliability, which is possible thanks to the most advanced statistical methods.

WAVE Construction

The WAVE questionnaire enables the analysis of the professional personality profile at various levels of generality, starting from 4 general areas, through 12 parts, 36 dimensions, up to 108 detailed aspects of behavior.

  • 4 clusters
  • 12 sections
  • 36 dimensions
  • 108 detailed facets

Different types of report

In WAVE Reports, every numerical result is accompanied by an accurate narrative interpretation. There are reports with different levels of detail: 

Personal Report – a basic form of a report for Candidates (concise, simple and understandable), providing feedback on behavioural styles. 

Expert Report – a more advanced report designed for people trained in interpretation – it allows the information obtained to be expanded and deepened, providing additional data on competencies and cultural fit. 

Report to the Supervisor – a report summarising the key findings on the competency potential of the person being examined. 


An integral part of the WAVE Professional Styles Questionnaire diagnosis is feedback and recommendations to the Client, as well as feedback to the Candidate, which can then be combined with a development session.


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