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PSI Polska represents the highest standards of quality. We offer our Clients a methodology and approach in line with international standards and at the same time great flexibility to meet individual needs. We implement projects with full commitment and determination for the result. We strongly focus on expanding our competencies in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our Clients.


Glasford International®


Glasford International®

Glasford International® is a leading Executive Search company with a global reach covering the European region, the Americas, as well as the Asia-Pacific region. The company was established in the 1980s and, in addition to Executive Search & Selection, offers services in the area of Assessment, including diagnostics of competencies, personality and leadership abilities, at both international and local levels.

Glasford International® brings together over 400 consultants specializing in the eight market sectors listed below. We operate through 50 local offices, being as close to our Clients as possible. Our expert knowledge and wide geographic reach, combined with full commitment, allow us to effectively provide Executive Search & Assessment services wherever you need us.


Our Story

Continuous improvement

Jadwiga Kuczkowska receives the Charismatic Woman Diploma and thus we begin our cooperation with Why Story and the Park Foundation. At the same time, we meet at cyclical workshops, thanks to which we can discuss topics for which we do not have enough time in our daily work. We are diverse, we have different perspectives, and yet we want to follow the same values that unite us


Training the people who will lead the Company in the future

Preparing for succession involves not only issues related to the services we provide to our clients, but also issues we deal with internally.


Innovating the way we work

Among other things, we introduce a new system to modernise our Candidate and Project Database. We are modernising the method of direct contact.


Fully staffed and operational despite the pandemic

Thanks to the efforts of all of us, we end this difficult year with results as good as those of previous years. Our Managing Partner, Jadwiga Kuczkowska, actively supports our clients in dealing with crises by giving them voluntary lectures on crisis management.


Celebrating our 20th anniversary

We are honoured to organise the next Glasford International® Conference in Poland. At the same time, Jadwiga Kuczkowska becomes the Content Supervisor for the mentoring programme organised by the Women Leadership Foundation. The collaboration continues for the next few years.


Visit to Milan

Almost the whole team went to a very interesting conference in Milan. We bring back a lot of interesting knowledge, but also other impressions from magnificent Milan and its surroundings


15th anniversary of PSI Poland

We host the entire Glasford International® Group during the conference in Warsaw. We are proud of the large presence of our clients at the conference.


Joining forces with Glasford Int.

This time we were sought out and invited to join the global structures of the powerful Glasford International® Group


Changing our logo

We strengthen our market presence and modernise our image, including a new logo.


Giving more of ourselves

After many previous charity events for various foundations, we became involved in active support for the children of Child Care Home No. 2 in Warsaw, which this year and in subsequent years has led to regular joint meetings and trips. The first of these was bowling, followed by a sleigh ride near Warsaw. More in CSR.


PSI Poland hosts a panel discussion at the HR Congress

We focus on strategy and innovation, which is reflected in our new logo


International operation

We develop international cooperation within the expanded Frisberg & Partners International Group.


Establishment of PSI Poland

From Kuczkowska Lebiedzińska Konsulting becomes PSI Poland, which specialises in recruitment processes. KLK continues to be responsible for the preparation and implementation of training courses


Celebrating our 4th anniversary

We are organising a grand celebration at the former headquarters of the Visiting Gallery at Bema Street. We invite Clients and other Guests important to us. We showcase our past history and intriguing insights. We provide treats and good music. We are very pleased with the presence of many Clients and the fact that the party stretched into the morning


Moving from our office on Dubois Street to the Babka Tower

We establish the international group People Solutions International, initially covering 6 countries. We prepare and start implementing two very large training projects to be carried out this year and in the following years. One of them supports the complete transformation of one of the largest companies in Poland. At the same time, we are intensively developing the company's recruitment branch.


Expanding our team from 4 to over 10 people

Despite the Russian crisis, we are dynamically developing our training activities. When asked why it is worth working with us, we answer that we focus on: · INDIVIDUAL preparation of each training project, · Classes in the form of WORKSHOPS, · PRACTICAL application of skills, · LONG-TERM relationships with the clients based on trust.


Cat President is the patron of Kuczkowska Lebiedzińska Konsulting

Małgorzata Lebiedzińska and Jadwiga Kuczkowska set up Kuczkowska Lebiedzińska Konsulting. We employ the first two people, who, as it turns out later, will stay with us for many years.





In the festive pre-Christmas atmosphere, our team decided to spread joy to the children of the Janusz Korczak Children's Home by organizing an extraordinary trip to Smart Kids Planet at the Norblin Factory in celebration of St. Nicholas Day.

In this innovative space filled with interactive exhibits, children had the opportunity to explore the wonders of science in a fun and accessible way. Following their exiting experiences at Smart Kids Planet, the children participated in specially prepared workshops. Guided by experienced animators, they had a chance to use their creativity and manual skills by crafting their own Christmas candles. This activity not only provided entertainment but also offered an opportunity to develop skills and pursue their passions. The workshop ended with the kids making lovely, unique candles. These candles aren’t just festive decorations, they’re also special reminders of this magical day. We are looking forward to organizing more activities in the near future!

We are pleased to announce that this year the author of the PSI Polska’s Christmas card is thirteen-year-old Maja.

Thanks to the talent and dedication of this young artist, our Christmas wishes have been given a unique setting. We hope that ingenuity and creativity will accompany us all throughout 2023!!

This year, our Team spent Children’s Day with the children from the Janusz Korczak Children’s Home in a western style.

We went to a cowboy town where we panned for gold, solved riddles and had a great time. We hope to meet again soon!

PSI Polska has been supporting the children from the Janusz Korczak Children’s Home in Warsaw for many years.

This time, our team planned to decorate Christmas gingerbread cookies together. This face-to-face meeting was long awaited by all of us after the hard pandemic experience. Unfortunately, due to the increasing number of infections, together with the management of the Children’s Home, we decided that meeting in person with children might not be safe for both sides. Despite the difficulties, the gingerbread cookies that we delivered to five locations in Warsaw, along with the necessary decorations, turned out to be beautiful works of art. This time we can only admire photos of the works, but we hope that next year the circumstances will be better and we will be able to organise a great event all together. We look forward to it!

2020 proved to be an extremely challenging and unpredictable time for everyone. As a result, our CSR activities were mainly focused on supporting our business environment.

activities were mainly focused on supporting our business environment. As early as March 2020, we prepared and then repeatedly held online charity workshops for managers and employees of the companies we work with.

Entering adulthood

2019 was the year of our further contacts with the children from the Children’s Home. Watching them grow up has shown how quickly time flies. The oldest of our protégées is already a happy mother of two little boys. They benefit from good advice and help in various ways. Two other protégées have also left the Children’s Home and are now working and studying. We are in regular contact with them, and we help them whenever necessary.

We are particularly proud of one of our protégées. Over a year ago, she started working with us, first as an intern, to experience office work and see if she liked it. It soon became clear that she was a very valuable asset to us and a well-liked member of our team. We hope that she will stay with us for many years to come!

Easter workshops

In mid-March, PSI Polska organised Easter workshops for the children from the Janusz Korczak Children’s Home No. 2 in Warsaw. At the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, there were many attractions, the first of which was a guided tour of the permanent exhibition, followed by games related to the Polish Easter traditions. Then the PSI team and the children participated in art workshops where they decorated Easter eggs, made dreamcatchers and prepared little oat pots. Next came the culinary workshops, during which the participants discovered the secrets of making the traditional Polish Easter pastry – mazurek. The most exciting part was decorating and tasting the cakes. The event was ended with a little treat. Many thanks to all participants for having a great time together!

Happy Easter!

20th St. Nicholas Swimming Competition

Another year has come to an end. This year the children from the Janusz Korczak Children’s Home No. 2 in Warsaw could enjoy going to the cinema and bowling with us, cooking and preparing smaller and larger parties together, as well as visiting the Horror House, which was accompanied by the most

emotions: confusion, fear, thrill and the desire to escape… Just like in a real horror film. It doesn’t matter if you are a child or an adult. ?

We hope that the coming New Year will take us to interesting new places and bring us lots of experience and fun. This Christmas we wish you all love, kindness and a lot of happy moments.

20th St. Nicholas Swimming Competition

PSI Polska had the honour to sponsor the 20th St. Nicholas Swimming Competition organised by the Integration Sports Club in Konstancin-Jeziorna. Nearly 300 competitors aged 4-16 and their parents participated in the competition. It was a family event aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and spending leisure time actively together. In addition to individual competition, children and their parents took part in the 2×25 metre family relay. Congratulations to all competitors!

Success of the Christmas charity event of PSI Polska: "Winter Holiday 2016".

We would like to thank everyone who supported our charity event “Winter Holiday 2016” for their participation and commitment.

This is it! Children from the Janusz Korczak Children’s Home No. 2 in Warsaw spent their winter holidays in the mountain resort in Jaworzynka.

On behalf of the children from the Janusz Korczak Children’s Home and PSI Polska, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the individuals and companies who participated in the organisation of the event and those who supported it financially. These were, among others, companies and employees of the following companies: Agora S.A., Ariston Thermo Polska Sp. z o.o., Bakoma Sp. z o.o., Budimex S.A., Covance Polska Sp. z o.o., Cukiernia Saska 105, Cup&Me, DJ Catering Sp. z o.o., Dominium S.A., Drukarnia Alternatywa, Galeria Fortepian, Jeronimo Martins Polska S.A. (Biedronka chain), Koleje Mazowieckie-KM Sp. z o.o., National Chamber of Commerce, Letson Consulting, Lunch Bar Oliffka, Matexi Polska Sp. z o.o., MB Cafe, Napoleon’s Pizza, Orange Polska S.A., Pandora Jewelry CEE Sp. z o.o., PHU Pertom Sp. z o.o., Polpharma S.A., PSI Pharma Support Poland Sp. z o.o., PSI Polska Sp. z o.o., Pure Sky Club, Radio Kolor S.A., Sanofi-Aventis Sp. z o.o., TVN S.A., Wydawnictwo MARGINESY Sp. z o.o., XBS Group Sp. z o.o. and many other anonymous generous donors!

Jadwiga Kuczkowska, Managing Partner of PSI Polska

PSI Polska’s original charity event "Winter Holidays 2016" is on. Join in!

Traditionally, before Christmas, we met with “our” children to bake Christmas gingerbread cookies together. Their home is currently being renovated and the children have been temporarily accommodated in various facilities. Jadwiga Kuczkowska came up with the idea of combining business with pleasure. The gingerbread cookies, beautifully decorated by the children, not only brought joy,

but also helped to raise money for the winter holidays! In order to attract more attention to the event and achieve the ambitious goal, we joined forces with other friendly companies and their employees.

On 6 December, we completed the first stage of our plan. We gathered at the hospitable headquarters of the National Chamber of Commerce: children from the Children’s Home No. 2, (former and current) employees of PSI Polska, employees of other companies, partners of our fundraiser and other guests. Thanks to our joint efforts, we managed to decorate 700 delicious gingerbread hearts. Wonders of confectionery art were created, the charm and quantity of which surprised all the participants, and all this in a charming Christmas atmosphere.

An important moment for the children was the announcement of the results of the Christmas poem contest. Prizes were awarded to all the children who took part and the winning poems were printed on the cards that came with each gingerbread cookie.

After several eventful hours, we replenished our energy with delicious dumplings and pizzas provided by generous restaurateurs. All the food disappeared in the blink of an eye. Refreshed, we began to pack the gingerbread into baskets. Sunday work came to an end.

The next step is to sell the gingerbread cookies. We hope that this too will be a success and that the main goal of the fundraiser will be achieved: to raise funds for the winter holidays in 2016 and to make the children’s dream come true.

Gingerbread can be purchased in selected business centres in Warsaw and in the offices of the following companies:

• Budimex, ul. Stawki 40
• Covance, ul. Wspólna 47/49
• KIG, ul. Trębacka 4
• Lunch Bar Oliffka, ul. Jana Pawła II 80
• MB Cafe, ul. Gottlieba Daimlera 1
• Pandora, ul. 17 Stycznia 45B
• PSI Polska, Al. Jana Pawła II 80/142
• Pure Sky Club, ul. Złota 59
• Radio Kolor, ul. Narbutta 41/43

We also invite everyone to support our fundraiser by making a donation to the account of the Janusz Korczak Children’s Home No. 2 Association in Warsaw No. 32 2340 0009 1780 2460 0000 0026 with a note: “Winter Holiday 2016”.

The Association has already provided us with positive information about donations being made to the above account. We are incredibly pleased with these contributions, and we hope for more.

Both the financial contributions and the material support are invaluable in helping the children of the Children’s Home No. 2. We would also like to thank all those who joined us on the 6th of December and actively participated in our fundraiser. The children were delighted with the collaboration and are already asking: “When is the next time?”.

As every year, we met with the children during the Christmas season to prepare Christmas cards and decorations.

In a joyful atmosphere, we created handmade cards that the Children’s Home intends to sell to raise additional funds. Our work was made even more enjoyable thanks to delicious treats, as well as awards for the most beautiful cards. Each child received a small gift to celebrate the upcoming holidays.

In early spring this year, we went bowling with our friends. Everyone showed up in competitive spirit, ready and motivated to compete for medals. Firstly, we divided into teams and then the “battle” began. Both older and younger participants gave their best and had a great time. Delicious snacks and pizza were immensely helpful in the game and gave both the children and us energy. For the youngest, who found the bowling balls a bit too heavy, we prepared other attractions. The biggest of them was a five-storey playroom. Playing in a ball pool was crazy, and a 10-metre slide was a blast. When our bowling competition was over, all the participants were awarded with medals for their engagement and competitive spirit. The winning team was also announced. Everyone agreed that the bowling competition must be repeated soon!

Some of our employees have become fully involved in volunteering at the Children’s Home. During regular visits, our volunteers help the children with their homework, do art work or read books together. In addition to these activities, the volunteers very often take the children on trips around Warsaw, for example to the Copernicus Science Centre, the Invisible Exhibition, a cinema and a rope park. Weekend walks around the old town of Warsaw became the inspiration for a new passion of our friends. They were so fascinated by a group of street dancers that they wanted to try their hand at break dancing. Thanks to the kindness of the dancers, who decided to give free lessons to the children, our friends can develop their dancing skills.

In February, we went on a sleigh ride together to an area we already knew from an earlier cycling trip.

However, the snow-covered Masovian Landscape Park looked completely different and it was great fun for all of us to rediscover familiar places. The sleigh ride was combined not only with a bonfire and tasting of delicious food, but also with crazy sleigh rides over the hills of the Łysa Mountain. The children shared their enthusiasm with us and the time spent with them brought back our childhood memories.

On Saint Nicholas Day, we visited our friends at their home. We organised some Christmas activities for them: decorating gingerbread cookies and glass baubles. Then the children made small packages with the cookies they had decorated, which were to be auctioned off. The children had so much fun decorating that when we ran out of gingerbread, they started decorating cookies to eat. An additional artistic challenge for all of us was to prepare stained glass with a Christmas theme. Some of them were also destined for the Children’s Home’s auction. The rest were used to decorate the windows in the children’s rooms. Our friends had so much fun decorating cookies and making stained glass that we had to postpone decorating Christmas baubles until the next day. All of the baubles decorated by the children were beautiful and truly diverse. They showed a lot of creativity in this activity: there were glass baubles painted with many colours, decorated with strings, pasta or sugar and with many other ornaments.

In September, together with the children, we decided to say goodbye to summer and welcome autumn in a charming place 50 km from Warsaw.

in a charming place 50 km from Warsaw. Luckily, the weather was great, with wonderful sunshine and warm temperature (as at the end of September) accompanying us during our stay at the „Hansel and Gretel” agrotourism farm in Wilków.

We spent this sunny Saturday very intensively due to the many activities prepared for the children (and for us). We started the day with clay modelling classes. The secrets of this activity were revealed to us by Mrs Małgosia, who helped the children to create real clay masterpieces. Afterwards, we had lunch, which gave us strength for the next challenge: a field game in groups lasting several hours. The spirit of healthy competition accompanied us throughout the entire game. The tasks prepared for each group required a huge effort, not only physically. Fortunately, the children coped wonderfully with all the tasks, even the hardest ones. Their energy was inexhaustible. The last challenge was to collect as many sweets as possible from the “minefield”. Although tired, we all eagerly started to clear the area.

Tired and hungry, but incredibly happy, we returned to the farm in the late afternoon, to find the fireplace and traditional food waiting for us.

Despite such an intense day, we still had the energy to play charades on the way back. As usually, it was hard for us to say goodbye after such a wonderful trip and a day full of positive emotions and surprises.

In January 2011, we decided to systematically support the Janusz Korczak Children’s Home in Warsaw.

In January 2011, we decided to systematically support the Janusz Korczak Children’s Home in Warsaw. Knowing how quickly the children become attached, we made a commitment to start a long-term cooperation, which we plan to continue in the coming years.

In the first year of our cooperation, we invited the children to a bowling competition. After breaking the ice, everyone had a great time, and the joy in the children’s eyes at the end of the evening was invaluable. For the first time, we could see the importance of dedicating time and resources to children who cannot leave Warsaw for the winter holidays.

Soon after, we organised another outing and took our young friends on a sleigh ride. After racing through the forest near Podkowa Leśna, we stopped for a bonfire, roasted sausages, sang and participated in competitions. We came back with happy memories. The youngest participant of our winter excursion was only three years old.

In July, we met again to explore the picturesque biking trails of the Mazovian Landscape Park. Mr Dominik, a bike enthusiast who rents out bicycles and organises trips, was prepared enough to provide everyone with the appropriate equipment, including the youngest children who had never ridden a two-wheeled bike before. The trail proved challenging: steep hills, sand and puddles that had the power to attract the youngest… Thanks to teamwork and perseverance, we reached our destination. At the end of a several-hour ride, we stopped for a picnic in the woods, followed by other attractions. Saying goodbye was so difficult that we prolonged the trip by a few hours.

Christmas time was the perfect opportunity to visit our friends again. Of course, first of all we prepared and sent a special order to Santa Claus, thanks to whom there were many sweets and candies in the presents. We spent this magical evening taking part in games and competitions, in which both children from Children’s Home and PSI Polska employees took part. The most exciting competition was the one to make the longest chain for the Christmas tree. These games and competitions made us feel the magic of the coming Christmas.

2010- 1999
Since the beginning of our company, we have sponsored various initiatives aimed at helping others.

Since the beginning of our company, we have sponsored various initiatives aimed at helping others. For many years we have supported financially an amateur theatre group made up of child actors performing in hospitals for their sick peers. The mailout of our seasonal greetings is combined with collecting funds for various children’s homes.

At each event, good fun was accompanied by serious conversations and challenging situations that enriched both sides.