Direct Search


Direct Search

In companies, well-selected managers and key experts are critical to the success of the organisation. For our Clients, we will search for them and assist in their hiring process.

Success in managing multi-disciplinary projects within the framework of complex organisations is often a source of competitive advantage.

Whether it is growth, improvement or optimisation, the key processes require the commitment of effective middle managers and top-level experts, who often have to be actively sought in the labour market.

Direct Search to metoda bezpośredniego poszukiwania menedżerów o umiejętnościach rzadko spotykanych na rynku pracy. Zakłada identyfikację odpowiednich osób poprzez analizę właściwych grup zawodowych i penetrację firm o podobnym profilu, strukturze i organizacji, oraz bezpośrednie nawiązanie kontaktu z potencjalnymi Kandydatami. Badanie rynku, które prowadzimy w ramach tych projektów wymaga od nas bardzo wnikliwej wiedzy sektorowej i stanowiskowej. 


In justified cases, we support the search process with advertisements in carefully selected internet services to generate an additional pool of potential Candidates. Such advertisements are usually placed on a confidential basis, making it impossible to identify the company for which Candidates are being sought. 

Method description

The pool of potential Candidates is analysed and verified on the basis of precise selection criteria agreed with the Client. The most suitable Candidates are invited for a structured interview. These interviews allow us to assess the Candidates’ professional experience, qualifications of merit and personality traits, as well as their level of motivation to work for our Client. 

The next step is to prepare written Individual Reports on the final shortlisted Candidates who fulfil the agreed requirements to the highest extent. At the same time, we organise their face-to-face meetings with our Client. Once we are familiar with the Client’s initial preferences, we gather professional references for the preferred Candidate to support the final decision.

Additional tools to verify competencies include psychometric testing and methods such as Individual Assessment, which we use in the final stage of the recruitment process. 

As part of our standard service, we actively support the integration process of hired Candidates. 

Our process

Immediately after signing up the contract
Analysis of search context
1-2 week from the project start
Penetration and Market Search, Direct phone contact
3-5 week from the project start
„Face to Face” interview
Preparation of „Short List” and individual reports
5-7 week from the project start
Presentation of recommended Candidates
Post-presentation communication with Client and Candidates
Consultant's assistance during negotiations process
1,5-2 months from employing the chosen
Post-employment monitoring - Consultant support for the Client and Candidate

Case Study


Case Study

In our recruitment processes, we usually contact Candidates who are not actively looking for a new job. Very often, when we ask potential Candidate about motivation, we hear that the only reason, why they talk to us is: “just the curiosity.” Turning this curiosity into real interest in a specific job offer and readiness to accept it is the responsibility of both the recruiter and the new employer. So how to encourage the Candidate to change his attitude?

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