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In our recruitment processes, we usually contact Candidates who are not actively looking for a new job. Our task is to convince them to consider potential career changes. Very often, when we ask potential Candidate about motivation, we hear that the only reason, why they talk to us is: “just the curiosity.” Turning this curiosity into real interest in a specific job offer and readiness to accept it is the responsibility of both the recruiter and the new employer. So how to encourage the Candidate to change his attitude? What benefits should you offer to make the offer attractive?

It turns out that one of the key issues is the company’s organizational culture based not on material employee benefits, but on the way of management and values, thanks to which employees feel that they constitute value for the company and are proud to be part of it. An interesting example illustrating this claim is the recently completed recruitment process that we conducted for DST Chemicals, our Client, an international innovative company operating in area of ​​industrial chemicals for metal processing. We were looking for a person for a key technical position in Poland. The vast majority of Candidates accepted the invitation to the first meeting simply out of curiosity. As the process progressed, we observed a radical change in this attitude into a determination to change employers. It should be noted that DST Chemicals was very open about how difficult this role is, and what challenges should be faced without colouring reality. At the same time, very clearly emphasized care for people and their comfort of work, openness to their needs, and providing them with support in “soft” entry into the organization. It turns out that non-material forms of motivation, such as paying attention to the needs of employees, taking into account their opinion, good communication, ensuring a friendly workplace are as important as material benefits.

Therefore, it is worth remembering that the recruitment interview is not only about checking the Candidate’s competences, but also the opportunity to present the organizational culture, which may be a factor determining the further course of the recruitment process and the perception of the company on the market.

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