Executive Search

We support our Clients in building a competitive advantage through perfect and accurate selection of people for key positions in their companies.

Executive Search is a method of searching for leaders whose skills guarantee success in the pursuit of our Clients’ key business goals. We offer advisory services and support in selection processes for positions in Supervisory Boards, Management Boards and other top managerial positions. We achieve effectiveness due to our perfect understanding of our Client’s strategy. We acquaint ourselves thoroughly with the specific needs of each Client, and make an in-depth analysis of the kinds of skills and other requirements for the management positions involved. This way we ensure that our solutions are optimal.

Executive Search is a direct method of Candidate search, where we identify and contact people with specific qualifications defined in cooperation with our Client. Successful Managers are not usually actively engaged in looking for another job. This is why our method has a high probability of success in filling the most demanding positions. We search for the right Candidates on the basis of an in-depth analysis of the market and the professional position to be filled. To achieve this, we use both our existing contacts and specially acquired contacts for the case in hand – as well as all available data-bases. In the process of identifying the most appropriate Candidates, we use the support of experienced Managers who have extensive knowledge of the market sector in question, including an understanding of our Clients’ competitors.

Method description:

The first stage of the process is an in-depth analysis of the needs and expectations of the Client, resulting in an optimal search strategy. In our team, we have at our disposal a broad range of contacts and skills to achieve the fullest penetration of the job market. We use our own database, that has been constructed for over 10 years.

The next step is to approach promising Candidates. When these Candidates satisfy key requirements and are interested in taking part in the recruitment process, we invite them for a face-to-face meeting. The meeting, which is to serve as a competences diagnosis, has the form of a structured interview in the course of which we assess the professional experience, skills and personality of the Candidate, as well as his or her motivation for undertaking the challenges posed by our Client’s position.

After the meetings with the Candidates, we make recommendations for our Clients and draw up individual reports about the Candidates who fulfil the assumed criteria to the fullest extent. The next step is to hold meetings with our Client. Then we check the references of the short-listed candidates, concentrating on the competences necessary for the position in question. If our Client decides to make an offer of employment, we offer further support in the process of negotiating the terms of the employment contract.

We do not consider that our role should finish with the filling of the vacant post. We also offer active support in the integration process. In this way we do our upmost to ensure the full and long-term satisfaction of our Client. We are at the disposal of our Client in all matters which might increase Client’s satisfaction, as well as the professional satisfaction of the Candidate employed.

In our references, received form the Clients, we find words of appreciation, such as: professional business partnership, understanding of the market, understanding of both owner’s and corporation’s perspective, perseverance and engagement, discretion and accuracy in diagnosing soft competences of the Candidates.