WAVE Questionnaire

WAVE Professional Styles Questionnaire, is one of the newest achievements of Professor Peter Saville, who is known as an author of SHL tools. WAVE Questionnaire encompasses diagnosis of personality, motives and talents, as well as preferred organizational culture. WAVE is an effective and easy tool that supports making key personnel decisions.

Professor Peter Saville is one of the leading authorities on psychometrics and author of numerous tools. In cooperation with a team of several dozens of psychologists, human resources specialists, statisticians and IT specialists, he created innovative tools which bring a new standard into the field of employment, development and people management. PSI Polska, due to close and constant cooperation with Saville Consulting, is the first company in Poland with a licence to use WAVE Professional Styles Questionnaire.

In order to evaluate candidates potential, we also use a variety of additional tools.

Method description:

Why Wave?

It is an integrated tool used to identify the most talented, key people for an organisation, recognise their talents, as well as motives and preferred work environment.

Key benefits of applying WAVE:

  • possibility of faster and more thorough understanding of certain issues which takes more time when applying other methods,
  • support in personnel decisions and maximising accuracy of predictions concerning factual effectiveness of an employee at work,
  • possibility of predicting behaviour patterns of an examined person, but also pointing out areas in which the employee may succeed.


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Talent and Motive Diagnosis

Only Wave Questionnaire measures the relations between Talents and Motives and enables diagnosis of Candidate’s abilities to adapt to a position, as well as to organizational culture. Profile analysis shows divergences between Talents and Motives, which reveals hidden areas and conflicts that may block personal development. Obtained knowledge may be used during feedback or coaching sessions.


Adjustment to organizational culture

WAVE Questionnaire appoints the most appropriate professional environment for particular person’s profile. It also defines organizational culture elements, which are in favour of person’s effectiveness, as well as those which diminish this efficiency.


Online Access

The person examined is filling in the WAVE Questionnaire online. IT Solutions applied ensure access from any place in the world and guarantee security, as well as confidentiality.


Several language versions

Professional Styles Questionnaire has been created by an international team. It is available in several language versions, allowing implementation of a coherent standard of assessment in international organizations.


High psychometric parameters

Reliability r = 0,86 and accuracy on the level of 0,56. The prognostic value of WAVE Professional Styles Questionnaire is still increasing thanks to surveys on its aptness.


Diminished risk of results falsification

While completing the questionnaire a Candidate gives answers in two ways (ranging and statement assessment) which makes it easier to notice every incoherence and inaccuracy of answers. We eliminate the risk of data falsification, which is difficult to control in other online systems.


Short evaluation time

The questionnaire takes approximately 35 minutes to complete. Simultaneously, we achieve a high indicator of accuracy and reliability, which is possible due to the most advanced statistical methods.

Construction of WAVE

WAVE Questionnaire allows analysis of professional profiles on several levels, starting from general 4 Clusters, 12 Sections, 36 Dimensions and ending at more detailed 108 Facets.


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Variety of reports

In WAVE Reports every numerical result is completed with an accurate narrative interpretation. There are reports with different levels of detail:

  • Personal Report – a basic form of report for Candidates (concise, simple and understandable), provides feedback on behavioural styles;
  • Expert Report – a more advanced report designed for people trained in interpretation – it allows to extent and deepen information obtained, provides additional data about competencies and cultural fit.

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An integral part of the WAVE Professional Styles Questionnaire diagnosis is feedback and recommendation for the Client, as well as feedback for the Candidate, which can then be combined with the development session.