Direct Search

Success in conducting interdisciplinary projects within the framework of complex organisations is often a source of competitive advantage. Whether they concern growth, development or optimisation, key processes demand the commitment of effective middle management and top-class experts who often have to be actively sought on the market.

Direct Search is a method of seeking effective Managers and key specialists with unique skills. The method is based on identifying the right people through an analysis of the corresponding professional group and the penetration of companies in the appropriate market sector, with a similar structure and organisation. Very important is direct contact with potential Candidates. Market research requires a thorough knowledge about the sector and the position itself.

Where necessary, we support the search process with advertisements in selected press and internet services to gather as wide as possible pool of potential Candidates. Such advertisements are usually made in a confidential form, rendering identification of our Client impossible.

Method description:

The pool of potential Candidates is analysed and verified on the basis of precise selection criteria agreed with the Client. The most appropriate Candidates are invited to a meeting – a structured interview. The interview allows us to assess the professional experience of the Candidates, their qualifications and personal attributes as well as to verify the Candidate’s level of interest in taking up the post in question.

The next step is the preparation of written Individual Reports about the Candidates who fulfil the agreed requirements most fully, and the organization of face-to-face meetings with our Client. Once we have become familiar with the initial preferences of our Client, we gather professional references of the preferred Candidate to support the final decision. We subsequently help both parties agree on satisfying employment terms.

Additional tools for competences verification include psychometric tests and the method of Individual Assessment, which we may use in the final stage of the recruitment process.

As part of our standard service, we include active support in the integration process of employed Candidates.