Coaching / Mentoring


Coaching / Mentoring

The main goal of coaching is to provide the Client with tools to increase their natural abilities to achieve the best results possible.

Coaching – our approach:

Coaching is a systematised development process to support the Client (the Participant) in defining and achieving goals. Thanks to the tools selectively applied by the Coach, the Client finds effective solutions, strategies for action and decision-making. The Participant is able to identify specific competencies that represent his or her growth potential and has the opportunity to select and improve those competencies ensuring effectiveness and success in action.

The goal of coaching for the Client is to improve the way of achieving results in areas defined with the Coach. Thanks to this process, Clients improve their efficiency and satisfaction of work. Coaching concentrates on the presence and the future, using information about the past as the basis for solutions best for the Client, which are later on to be implemented.

In this process, the Coach is a partner supporting the Client to make discoveries about himself and implement effective courses of action.

Individual Coaching

The process of individual coaching can address any issue presented by the Client. The process begins with the participant defining the desired goal. In the course of the coaching, the appropriate steps are taken to achieve the goal – e.g. executing certain tasks, shaping new habits, developing the desired skills, improving knowledge, applying proper techniques and behavioural models. At the same time, the Coach helps the Clients to deal with beliefs hindering the change and with conflicting goals.

Team Coaching

The process of group/team coaching aims to improve teamwork. To achieve this, the Coach provides feedback on communication, interaction between team members, each member’s contribution to the overall group result, the stage of completion of the group task, the team’s effectiveness, etc. Group coaching is conducted in the course of actual, regular working meetings of the team.

Clients’ benefits derived from working with the Coach::

  • defining the most significant and clear goals for themselves and for the organisation,
  • growth of self-awareness and responsibility for achieving own goals,
  • understanding and increasing their own motivation to achieve goals.


Mentoring is a process in which a person with considerable practical experience and professional success introduces an employee (a specialist or a manager) to a new function or to the company and supports that employee in their development. The process involves providing support, advice and the sharing of knowledge and experience. The objective of mentoring is to develop the competencies and to improve the performance and efficiency of the person being mentored.

Who can be a Mentor?

According to historical records, Mentor was a native of Ithaca, an old friend and teacher of Odysseus. Today it is a synonym for an experienced advisor, guide, educator – an embodiment of wisdom. Therefore, Mentors must have considerable experience and seniority, as well as skills and the right approach to his/her Students.

At PSI Polska we distinguish two types of mentoring: managerial and expert. We help our Clients to implement the basics of mentoring in their organisation, to identify potential candidates for Mentors and to prepare them for this important role. We provide regular consultations, and we help evaluate the efficiency of the process.


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